Lesson 1: Starting with Glitch

Written by Dylan Fox

This quick and easy tutorial will help you get your website up and running. If you already have a glitch project started for your website or you use something other than Glitch to host your website, you can skip this lesson and go to Lesson 2.

Step 1: Login to Glitch Through GitHub

Go to https://glitch.com. Click "Sign in" and then click "Sign in with GitHub" at the top right corner. You might need to create a GitHub account if you don't already have one. (You can also sign in with Facebook if you have an account)

Step 2: Create your website

When you make your website, you will want to use the Glitch template that we created for the best experience. You can create a Glitch project with this template by clicking this link.

Step 3: Name your Website

Change the project name by clicking on it in the top left corner. The project name will be the first part of your website's URL (e.g. the name for 2D4U's website https://2d4u.glitch.me/ is "2d4u")

Once the drop down menu comes up, click the project name again to edit it.

Step 4: Notify Us

When you create your website, please notify one of the 2D4U staff members through our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, email (helpme2d4u@gmail.com) or Discord. This is so we can link your page to your button in our websites list. Links to all of our contact methods can be found on the left navigation bar.